This list of events is an opportunity to explore asteroid's environment. Most events were predicted thanks to orbital solutions computed within Genoid project. In exploring these systems by mutual events we learn about their relative size, bulk density and equilibrium figures of spinning bodies. From theses events, the relative position for the components can be determined and used to improve the dynamical model, and therefore the knowledge of the center of mass.

The dynamical model is based on a full or fragmented set of astrometric data for a shortlist of 18 asteroids and 22 satellites. For some systems, the dynamical model is poorly determined, due to the low-number of astrometric relative positions. In this case, timing of events are approximative, from a few hours for best ones, up to weeks for others. Ideally, you should observe each nights when a period is favorable. You can select the events detectable with your equipment by filter them by their expected drop in magnitude.

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Take a look to give you an idea on the accuracy of orbit computing.

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